Ger Copper, every inch a magician, has been awarded in Hollywood 3 times, wins the Dutch Championships 3 times and one time the World Championship. He plays on Broadway and stars for several years in his own Las Vegas style illusion show in Spain, performing with wild animals.


On his return back to Holland he throws himself into the extremely mysterious
‘Black Art’. He succeeds in elevating the concept to international levels. Many TV performances follow and shows his act on festivals in Canada, Japan and China. Besides, he is an enthusiastic teacher to many magicians and his custom made show productions manufactured under his management are being seen in theaters and amusement parks.

For his work he was awarded recently with the highest American honor in magic, the A.M.A. Master Fellowship.

Ger took the initiative and teaches at the Dutch School of Magic (DSOM) and performs successfully at this moment in his own studio with demonstrations of magic, while talking about the history of magic and the Dutch participation in the this field.