It all happens in the DSOM Magic-Studio, where magicians and illusionists are trained and champions are made.. Professionals like Hans Klok, Niels Houtepen, Miki Dark, Niek Takens and many more have improved their acts and presentations at the highest level.

We ask serious candidates who want to improve or work out their acts, to bring along their stuff they want to work on. You have to show it and we will try to improve or confirm the quality.

There will be our comments and the comments of the other participants which can be very surprising according to 17 years experience. 


The first coaching workshop is on Saturday 1 February 2020

It starts at 13.00 and ends at 17.00 hours


Coaching sessions are held in the Magic studio of Ger Copper in Assendelft and meant for serious candidates wanting to improve the act. Besides Ger there will be 1 or 2 profs attending (magic technique, movement and or music) who can help coach your act to a higher level.

COSTS: 50 euro incl. VAT and drinks
Min. 4 participants max. 8 participants (number indicated here)



Enter by mail, indicate your age and your interests by pressing the button        below.



More workshops in 2020 will be announced soon!


If you want private coaching please contact me and we discuss the possibilities.